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Here at SAM FIRE SERVICES we design various types of fire safety systems. Our fundamentals are very clear we can design it with you we can design it for you.

Installation and designing of various types of fire systems.
You can involve us at any given stage of your projects. We have a competent team of fire engineers and fire safety experts that can help you in designing and installing fire systems as per the unique needs of your domestic, industrial and commercial setups and places.

Commissioning of fire alarm system and fire security map
We understand the functionality of various electric systems to the core and this is how we design these systems for you. We can design and commission fire alarm systems for your place and create a fire safety map of your establishment. This map can be very handy for your security staff when they will handle an emergency situation.

Annual maintenance of fire security systems.
We award various types of maintenance packages attached to our fire security systems. Under this we check all the necessary equipment and other aspects after a regular time of interval and repair them from time to time.

We are regular supplier of certain ancillary things like cotton hand gloves, cotton rolls, liquid detergents, uniform cloths etc. Here we deliver best quality products on affordable rates.

Service Providers
Our stint in maintenance activities allowed us to interact with various types of skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled workers. We adopted this culture of hiring the temps to meet increasing demands of our operations. Now we have a treasure of this work force standing by us and waiting for your command. We can supply manpower for your various projects as and when required.

Some of our prestigious clients are:
ONGC, IOC, Air India, GAIL, Mazagaon dock and other private industries and institutions.We have also worked in the film industry i.e. Sony Pictures, Sanjay Leela Productions, Red Chillies Productions, UTV, Yash Raj Etc.

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