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Sam fire services is a hub of fire safety related services. This is a house which has the capacity to bring any fire down. We are in the trade of fire security system from almost four decades now.

This house was founded by entrepreneur Mr. K.C. Nair in 1988. This was time when mostly fire safety was a mere formality at many places. People were unaware that it can become a hazard for their constructions and industrial places. Fire extinguishers were like an object of curiosity or show pieces for them.

Our esteemed founder and visionary Mr. K.C. Nair saw the potential of huge market of fire extinguishers which was stored in the future. He sensed that fast Urbanization of the small cities, vertical expansion of big cities and big scale industrialization will invite the demand of fire extinguishers and fire safety measures.

Under his able leadership this company acquired two more roles. We were the fire engineers of fire safety right from the word go. We expanded our self and added two additional roles of manufacturer and contractor. Now we are proud to say that we are one stop solution for all your fire safety related needs.

Our successful endeavours on various job sites and commitment to quality reflected in our healthy balance sheet as well. We have a healthy balance sheet full of profit and clocking a turnover of more than ten million rupees per annum.

Over the years we are innovating and strengthening our production facilities a great deal and coming up with new innovation not only in the hardware products but with the overall fire safety systems as well. Our desire to excel in the task in the hand had won us ISO 9001:2000 ratings and all our products are under the specification of BIS and ISI.

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